[linux-elitists] LARTing needed

Robert Thomson sirrmt@dingoblue.net.au
Tue Nov 14 12:54:10 PST 2000

On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 01:02:35PM +0100, eugene.leitl@lrz.uni-muenchen.de wrote:
> I've gotten a spam, which gave as opt-out
> address. They're still there, running 
> 	 220 X1 NT-ESMTP Server techtrendsonline.com (IMail 6.00 9349-3) 
> I've already reported them to oneglobalcity.com folks. Is there
> anything else (preferably nasty) I can do?
> In case you're interested, here's the mail I've got:

Nasty.. nasty.. Well, if they're spammers, would they bother to purchase
licences for macromadia software?  BaDaBing.  Make the anti-freedom-enforcing
organisations work for you.

> ng in no time! No programming knowledge
> required. Features include professionally designed HTML and Macromedia=AE F=
> lash=99 templates, e-commerce capabilities
> complete with shopping carts, and a mammoth selection of options. It comes =
> with easy instructions to guide you every
> step of the way! Starting at only $9.99/mo., or $19.99/mo. for the whole ki=
> t-n-kaboodle, no other plan offers so much for so
> little!
> =93I made my own Web site in no time at all! It even included=20
> Macromedia=AE Flash=99 special effects.=94
> =09=09Vicki, Consultant
> <a href=3D"http://www.1gcrom.com"> Click here for this amazing online oppor=
> tunity!</a>
> <br><br>
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