[linux-elitists] LARTing needed

Heather star@starshine.org
Tue Nov 14 08:03:23 PST 2000

> I've gotten a spam, which gave as opt-out
> address. They're still there, running 
> 	 220 X1 NT-ESMTP Server techtrendsonline.com (IMail 6.00 9349-3) 
> I've already reported them to oneglobalcity.com folks. Is there
> anything else (preferably nasty) I can do?
> In case you're interested, here's the mail I've got:

Hmm.  I usually don't bother replying to these people directly unless I
think there's some chance of seducing them away from The Dark Side.  Their
postmasters, sure, if I think their postmasters aren't in on it too...

It should be possible from the address, to determine who the IP provider
is ... given this URL I bookmarked ages ago, which seems to still be good,
I just looked:  http://ipindex.dragonstar.net/ 

It starts with 64. so it should be a class A.  Dragonstar claims that's in 
a block reserved by IANA.  Either someone bought it or they waltzed off with
it somehow?

Nah, it must have been split up at some point, asking Google! about 64.209
turns up all sorts of things.  MyHomePage, gameaholic.com, a mailing list 
archive, several things in foreign languages... lemme try one more octet here.
Hmm, that didn't match at all.

(Notice, all of this without touching their site directly.)

Um, not surprising they don't reverse lookup.  But, I just wokened, maybe I 
didn't reverse lookup right?

> <b><font size=3D"5"><a href=3D"http://www.1gcsitebuilder.com">Seven Days FR=
> EE! - 1GC Site Builder</a></font></b>

Heh, awhois thinks NetSol says:
NO MATCH: This domain is available!

Go to www.networksolutions.com to register it now!

*giggle*  there's your LART...  right now it nslookup's to
but you could get your very own instance of it.

'Course I could be looking in the wrong place, awhois.sh got updated... but,
1.61 has got a bug, at least when trying to run on my SuSE box, so I guess
I stick with 1.60.

> <b><font size=3D"4">TESTIMONIALS:</font></b>

Lemme see, he wants his font 3 feet, 4 inches high?  :)  
Notice all these testimonies are first name only.

> <b><font size=3D"4">INTRODUCING =96 Interactive Business Cards (IBCs) from =
> 1 Global City</font></b>
> <br>

In much more useful news to us nerds, the Irish LUG has their own new edition
of the BBC out, complete with openSSH, rescue tools for netware, ReiserFS
support, and a guide to cutting your own BBC (described as "not for dummies,"
therefore just our cup of jolt cola).

Have fun stealing his castle, if it's worth it.  But it was kind of a laugh,
these guys think their website creation tools are so hot, but they either
	a) don't use them themselves
	b) produce really bad code and we haven't even see the graphics yet.

* Heather * People in glass houses should get dressed in the basement.

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