[linux-elitists] elite imapd?

Paul J Collins sneakums@sto-kerrig.org
Sat Nov 11 11:16:41 PST 2000

>>>>> "Heather" == Heather  <star@starshine.org> writes:

    >> private/users/dmarti/
    >> 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ... 456.
    >> with index files and the like.

    Heather> So what you're saying is an MH user wouldn't bat an eye,
    Heather> but anybody still using these mbox-format toys of
    Heather> yesteryear (== most of us?) is just gonna have to learn a
    Heather> new pattern if we want to know where our data flows.

    Heather> (except, an MH user at least gets to name his folders,
    Heather> it's the messages that are numbered.)

IMAP allows arbitrary named nested folders.  I think the numbered
items above are messages.

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