[linux-elitists] elite imapd?

Rusty Foster rusty@kuro5hin.org
Sat Nov 11 09:35:03 PST 2000

Don Marti wrote:
> I did an apt-get install imap and got Debian's "default" imapd working
> with no fuss, since it looks for standard un*x mailboxes in the user's
> home directory, and I have standard un*x mailboxes in $HOME/Mail.
> Easy. Of course I did the hosts.allow thing to only allow access from
> localhost, and use it over an ssh tunnel. Works great; much faster than
> ssh-ing in.
> Here's the question. It turns out to be copyright by the University of
> Washington. Does using UW software make me lame? Is courier-imap more
> elite?

Yes, UW software makes you lame (except for pico ;-)). Mostly because
there are known overflow exploits for UW imapd that the UW development
team refuses to fix. "You should use stackguard." Bah. See:

I hear good things about Cyrus imapd.


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