[linux-elitists] World's most clueless company

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Thu Nov 9 13:01:29 PST 2000

The lesson for today is "Dumbasses who shouldn't be on the Internet."
Today's required reading: http://www.publicis-usa.com/

Flash animation. Oooo, cool. Neato. Go ahead and skip to their
technology page.

"The difference between Publicis Technology and everyone else in this
bandwagon market is that we not only understand what technology can do
but we also have the passion to use this knowledge in the most creative
way possible."

They're using Cold Fusion, but what the hell. Not so bad so far. Just a
high-tech PR agency. High-tech PR agencies shouldn't bother you, unless
you're my garbageman and have to carry loads of press kits to the trash.

But now let's search for their mail server on the MAPS RSS list.  

Not only is their server OPEN TO SEND SPAM to everyone on the
net, but their "postmaster" address BOUNCES!   How are you suppposed
to report mail problems to these people?!  I guess "the most 
creative way possible" means "leave the mail server's ass hanging
out on the Internet so any spammer can catch a free ride!"

They're pretending to be able to tell people about high-tech
stuff and they don't even know how to set up their own damn
mail server.  Posers.  Lamers.  Losers.  Assholes.

At least I just got spam through them. I'm glad I don't own stock
in any of their clients.

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