[linux-elitists] In honor of Transmeta...

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue Nov 7 12:12:30 PST 2000

Here's a plug for a Comdex event not to miss. The Language Wars panel.
2:45 on Monday the 13th. I'll be the moderator, and Chris DiBona will be
convincing everyone that Perl rules and Java sucks.

In honor of Transmeta's IPO, here is my suggested list for new
regulatory periods in additon to the SEC "quiet period." 

This was originally written on 22 July 1999.

I like the idea of a "quiet period" (the time during which the SEC
requires a company to, if I understand it correctly, stop issuing
press releases.)  Perhaps there should be some other mandatory
periods for computer companies:

- The "no changing perfectly good product names" period (Do
  customers really need "Athlon" or "Tru64 Unix"?)

- The "not labeling every product a 'solution' period" (At
  Comdex, litle 79-cent fans were "cooling solutions" to
  one exhibitor.)

- The "no issuing voluminous employee manuals because your
  lawyers convinced you that everyone who works for you is
  litigious scum" period.  (Every startup.)

- The "no making talented employees shut up and go away because 
  they make the investors nervous" period.

- The "no hiring overpriced outside firms to do a web site
  that's hard to change because all the text is GIFs" period.
  (A lot of our clients, when I was in the web business, I

- The "no replacing working homebrew systems with expensive
  flaky proprietary ones just because you have money to
  burn" period.  (best.com nearly died because they tried 
  to replace FreeBSD with proprietary Un*x boxes -- going
  back to FreeBSD saved them.)

Peace and good luck to all the Linux and free software

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