[linux-elitists] Fixing rsync over ssh

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue May 23 11:00:51 PDT 2000

If you run rsync over ssh (rsync -e ssh) and occasionally get
failed transfers, always on the same file, you're probably 
encountering a known ssh bug involving deadlocked select(2) 
calls.  Programmer Tom Hospel found and fixed the bug, but 
declined to contribute his patch to Ylonen's ssh codebase because
of ssh suddenly going proprietary, which Hospel considered to
steal the code he'd contributed up until then.

However, Hospel has released his remedy as a wrapper utility,
under the GNU GPL.  Compile it, put it (e.g., as unblock_ssh)
in ssh's directory, and invoke it in ssh's place.  C source 
and author's comments are available at


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