[linux-elitists] Image blocking coverup?

Paul J Collins pjdc@eircom.net
Tue May 9 16:24:38 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Woodard <ben@valinux.com> writes:

    Ben> So guys do you buy the current story from AOL/Netscape that
    Ben> the removal/ofucication of the feature was not ordered by
    Ben> mgmt?

It's always difficult to tell exactly what went in inside a big
company, when the decision-making process is effected by many
independent entities.  No doubt the truth will out.  (Spot the

    Ben> I personally think that we did the most important thing and
    Ben> that was to send a signal to the mozilla community within
    Ben> netscape that this feature is important to us. BTW it was my
    Ben> plan to implement the feature before I discovered that it
    Ben> already existed.

I have to admit that the use of things like Junkbuster et al has never
really ocurred to me until this debate cropped up.  Looks like I have
some installing to do.  :-)

    Ben> BTW The discussion on the advogato misses the point in my
    Ben> opinion. It is not about content theft. Does anyone know how
    Ben> to post a comment to their discussion? There are three things
    Ben> I'd like to bring up:

You'll need to get an account and then get certified as Apprentice or
above by three of four people.  Let me know what your account name is;
I will be happy to certify you.  The ratings, despite the names, are
supposed to represent confidence that the person is who they say they
are rather than technicial ability.

    Ben> 1) In the TV world, is channel surfing during commercials
    Ben> considered content theft? What about going to the bathroom
    Ben> during the commercial break?

I'd be willing to be that "lossage" of this kind is factored into
their rates somehow.  It seems to me that many channels all seem to
runs ads at once, which no doubt mitigates some of the lossage.  It is
probable the TV schedules in a no-advertising environment would show
much more variation and innovation than the lego-brick arrangements we
see today.

    Ben> 2) I really don't have a lot of problems with advertisements
    Ben> however, I do get really upset with cross site tracking and
    Ben> web bugs.

I imagine that many people take offence purely on the grounds of being
"forced" to download something they do not want.  However, we make the
same compromises whenever we purchase magazines and newpapers, listen
to the radio or watch TV.

    Ben> 3) I think that the important thing about this dialog is that
    Ben> it brings the capability to do half decent filtering to the
    Ben> masses.

The thing is, do "the masses" realise that filtering exists and why it
is useful?  In a coming era of ubiquitious broad-band access, is
ad-filtering a big win anymore?  Of course, preventing
doubleclick.net-style shenanigans will always be a win.


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