[linux-elitists] Help! Speakers needed.

Doc Searls doc@searls.com
Tue May 9 12:01:15 PDT 2000

Borland/Inprise, which is coming out with a bunch of Linux 
development tools (code-named Kylix) soon, has asked me to fill some 
speaking positions at a big conference they are having in San Diego 
this summer.

Details are scattered around this URL: 

Specifically, I'm dealing with this request:

We currently have you assigned to the following three 75-minute 
technical sessions:

"Getting Started with Open Source Development",
"Linux in a Nutshell", and
         "Understanding Linux UIs and Windowing Systems".

I might be an elitist, but about all that qualifies me is my job. And 
being on this list, of course. But I need people who are actually 
qualified. So::::

Volunteers? Finger-pointers to possible draftees? Please?

And yes, we're running late.


Doc Searls
Senior Editor, Linux Journal
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