[linux-elitists] AOL subverts Mozilla privacy feature.

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Mon May 8 11:21:38 PDT 2000

begin  Rick Moen quotation of Mon, May 08, 2000 at 10:52:24AM -0700:

> My point:  At the right time, later in Mozilla's development cycle, a
> bunch of developers should consider stepping in, forking the codebase,
> taking out any AOL-specific cruft, ensuring that it has uncompromised
> strong crypto, and restoring/beefing up the internal privacy protection.

After Sept. 20th would be the appropriate time for this.

A privacy-enhanced browser would also allow:

* Set User-Agent on a site-by-site basis for those sites that munge
  content by browser (bad webmaster, bad, bad)

* Built-in support for gnutella and freenet protocols: 

* Built-in support for cookie exchange

* Better PICS support to allow for easy reporting of advertising
  and obnoxious content.  (so you could say, for example, "don't
  show any image that is offensive to both Ben Woodard and Rick

* Built-in HTML munging (OK, this isn't really privacy-related but
  pixel-pushing web designers just cheese me off.

This looks like a shitload-and-a-half of configuration options, though.
Perhaps the best solution is to turn the various bits of Mozilla into
components, and write the "browser" itself in one page of Python, Perl,
or Scheme. Then any user could write a few lines to de-peeve-ify the

Yes, this would be "making users do programming" but DAMMIT, easy
programming is a HELL OF A LOT EASIER than hard pointy-clicky

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