[linux-elitists] Shopping list

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue May 2 18:34:30 PDT 2000

I'm putting together a medium-deluxe Linux box for my home office, have
decided to take a toy-warrior overkill approach this time, and would
like to bounce some hardware ideas off the local elitists.

First of all, the easy decision, the case.  Deluxe Chrome Tower:
That's 47 pounds of component-cooling, many-drive-bay-having,
capacious black and chrome badassitude.

Also PC Power and Cooling for the power supply -- Silencer 275 ATX.

Now for the controversial stuff.

CPU:         AMD Athlon, whatever speed has the price break this

Motherboard: Abit KA7

RAM:         128 or 256 MB PC133 CAS-2 SDRAM

(Rick Moen told me some important facts related to the "CAS-2"
designation for RAM, and I haven't done my follow-up reading. Minus
elitist points for me.)

SCSI card:   Adaptec 2940UW

SCSI drives: IBM of course -- one 18.2GB, heinously fast and hot,
             or two 9.1GB 7200rpm drives?  I wonder.

Video cards: 2 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 (1 AGP, 1 PCI)  
             (I have two monitors and a friend at 3dfx tells me that 
             you can do Xinerama across 2 Voodoo3s.)

Sound card:  Creative Labs Soundblaster Live Platinum

Ethernet:    Intel EtherExpress Pro 10/100

Don Marti                  Information wants to be $6.95. 
whois DM683      Au feu les GIF!  http://burnallgifs.org/

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