[linux-elitists] Pour out wrath upon amazon.com

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Thu Mar 30 14:57:20 PST 2000

(Real elitists make sure to boast about it when Richard M. Stallman
mentions them in an interview.)  

LinuxWorld: Why did you call for a boycott of Amazon, and not of
Priceline -- which is also guilty of this kind of behavior?

Richard M. Stallman: Actually, I don't know that much about Priceline.
What happened was, Don Marti [of the Silicon Valley Linux User's Group]
proposed to me that Amazon could be a good example to boycott for a
couple of reasons. One, they sell to the public; and two, they are
actually suing somebody, which makes them an egregious offender.


Another important reason: Amazon sells a product -- books -- that 
people who care about the software patent issue buy a lot of.

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