[linux-elitists] (forw) CABAL's InstallFest RSVP

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed Mar 22 18:23:07 PST 2000

My goodness.  They _are_ starting to notice the surrounding 
Linux community.  Who'd have thought?

----- Forwarded message from Linda Wang <lwang@turbolinux.com> -----

Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 15:41:37 -0800
From: Linda Wang <lwang@turbolinux.com>
To: installers@linuxmafia.com
Cc: lwang@mail.turbolinux.com
Subject: CABAL's InstallFest RSVP
X-Mailer: Mutt 1.0.1i


My name is Linda Wang of TurboLinux, Brisbane, CA.  This email
is to RSVP TurboLinux's attendence to CABAL this coming Saturday.
There will couple people from our company attending.  Do you
have a rought count as to how many people will be attending?
We will also bring our latest TurboLinux 6.0.2 and give them

Please let me know ASAP, so that I can prepare for it.
Many thanks,

Linda Wang
TurboLinux Inc.

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