[linux-elitists] De-bogotify the web

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Mon Mar 20 11:09:51 PST 2000

Quoting Don Marti Uses GIFs on the Sly (dmarti@zgp.org):

> Attention Linux elitists:
> He or she who controls the client, controls the web.
> The Mozilla developer meeting will be on April 7th:
> http://www.alphanumerica.com/events/mozilla-conference-1.0/
> Come and make the nasty evil web into your own personal happy web.

Details are already included on BALE:  http://linuxmafia.com/bale/

Anyone within reasonable distance of Mountain View may want to attend
the afternoon meetings/presentations/reception, which look very
worthwhile.  The event will be at Netscape HQ, corner of Ellis and 
Middlefield, Mountain View.  (Exit US-101 onto Ellis westbound, drive
several blocks to the end of Ellis, park where you can.)

I have a street map at http://linuxmafia.com/bale/map-mozilla-netscape.jpeg .
(Actually, it'll be there in a few minutes.  I seem to have forgotten
to scp it up.  I'm having to re-do it, and Mapquest is dog-slow, today.)

Please note that they _do_ need people to RSVP.

Cheers,     Founding member of the Hyphenation Society, a grassroots-based, 
Rick Moen   not-for-profit, locally-owned-and-operated, cooperatively-managed,
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