[linux-elitists] Microsoft alienating MCSEs

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Wed Mar 15 16:11:18 PST 2000

> Quoting Dire Red (deirdre@deirdre.net):
> > Yep, it's true. Some nice comments at:
> > http://www.coriolis.com/tellmicrosoft/default_x.asp
> http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=00/03/15/0747210&cid=131

Either take action or buckle under but don't bother protesting, hm?  And
what about when protesting IS action?  Windows Refund Day brought a lot
of press to the notion of just how many Silicon Valley folks had already 
taken the action of blowing off MS forever.

The filkish side of me is reminded of "The little green BEM"
	The little green bug eyed monster will prevent another war
	So grown-ups don't you demonstrate nor protest any more.

His formalized protest is merely another sign of how the tide is turning; 
it may be futile in the small scale, but it still needed to be said.

Although I have to admit, in this case the fellow's letter looks a bit whiny,
if he's correct about the auxilliary salesforce nature of MCSEs, and enough 
MCSEs take inaction to his rallying cry (that is, they *don't* sign up for 
another round of self-flagellation, on the premise that MS isn't giving them 
time to do it right anyway) ... further, if they take more direct action by
dragging their customers with them to other climes (Linux of course, but even 
Suns, Alphas, and other weird things instead of MS preloads) ... well, then 
the industry gorilla is squishing his own bananas, and Linux will have some 
new consultants and services firms in the next year or two.

We'll welcome them well enough, I hope.

* Heather

ob elite: when returning from my flight to L.A., Jim and I brought 4 (yeah you
heard me, 4) laptops through the security gate.  No problem, didn't even stop
and make us open them.  Some woman with an iBook was asked to stop and had to 
demo "what kind of device that is".  So... did the droid do it because they 
really have never seen an iBook nor even a commercial for one, or because they
see PC laptops all the time, but wanted to see an iBook shown off? :)

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