[linux-elitists] Brought to you by the letter U

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Fri Jun 30 10:29:41 PDT 2000

USPTO is holding a roundtable to "obtain industry feedback on prior
art issues" regarding business methods patents.  I'm not sure, but
I think that's bureaucrat-speak for "we're giving out bogus 
patents at random but we don't know what to do about it."

Also on the USPTO site, I mean _not_ on the USPTO site -- the nominees
for the Patent Public Advisory Committee. "Appointments to the Advisory
Committee are made by the Secretary of Commerce, and are anticipated by
or before June 29, 2000. Committee membership will be posted here on the
USPTO homepage." So watch uspto.gov -- I'm in suspense.

And of course U is for Unisys, the featured corporation in this month's
"Slow Company" magazine.  (Their new slogan is "We took the short bus
to the Internet.")

June 26: Greg Roelofs writes "PNG has finally achieved massive
studliness and will soon be taking over the world"

June 29: Shares Plunge on Unisys Warning

Analysts have demoted them to "Accumulate" "Outperform" or "Neutral"
which is of course analyst-speak for "What the fuck were we thinking?  
I hope the clients already threw away the last report! Sell! Sell!"

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