[linux-elitists] Cahoots

Deirdre Saoirse deirdre@deirdre.net
Thu Jun 29 09:08:21 PDT 2000

So I've been hearing the ads for Cahoots's site (as probably many of you
in the bay area have) and their sweepstakes. They really have some cool
sounding prize options:


(I would go for exploring the wreck of the Titanic myself)

What I didn't find out until today when I visited their site was the terms
of entering the contest: you have to download their proprietary software,
register it and enter the sweepstakes using their software.

Naturally, their software is only available on Windows.

Basically, this violates the FTC requirements of no purchase required to
enter as one IS required to purchase Windows.

I sent them the following note through their online feedback form with the
following comment:

"So you re telling me that one can't enter the sweepstakes without
purchasing Windows. This sounds like a violation of the FTC's requirements
for sweepstakes as no purchase can be required. Please inform me of an
alternate entry method by July 5 or I will file a complaint with the FTC."

Cahoots is based in Brisbane; if I were still unemployed, I might make a
visit to their office.

In any case, I encourage other Elitists to complain. :)

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