[linux-elitists] Limits on fair use

Jeremy M. Dolan jmd@turbogeek.org
Wed Jun 28 09:29:28 PDT 2000

On Tue, 27 Jun 2000 14:55:14 +0000, Don Marti wrote:
> http://www.tuxers.net/dmca/ looks promising -- anyone else have 

Hrm...what I could use is a well written, as-short-as-possible paper
explaining the evils of Microsoft, that I can refer my non-elitist
friends, familily, and co-workers to. I've found that I'm remarkably
bad at trying to do it myself. And it pisses me off to have them claim
the gov't is "picking" on poor billy for being a successful business

I'd love to refer them to the Halloween documents and such, but I
tried it once and those are just to long for these people to bother.

So where's all the good anti-Microsoft propaganda?

Jeremy M. Dolan <jmd@turbogeek.org>

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