[linux-elitists] Limits on fair use

Ben Woodard ben@valinux.com
Tue Jun 27 13:41:55 PDT 2000

<I think this is an elitist topic. If you disagree feel free to flame
me. I have really thick skin and an almost infinite capacity to ignore

I know none of you are lawyers but the DeCSS/DVD issue has had us all
doing reasearch about the legal isses around copyright. From what you
guys understand about the legal ramifications of the fair use
exemption to copyright are these scenerios legal:

Scenerio 1:

I have a cassette tape version of an album that I bought at a music
store from back in the days when you could music on something other
than CD. A friend has a CD of the same exact album. If I dupe the CD
is the duplicate an illegal copy?

Scenario 2:

I  believe that DVD  players will  play unencrypted  DVD's as  well as
encrypted  DVD's (right?). Could someone   make a business where  they
sold unencrypted versions of DVD movies. The tricky  part would be for
every DVD sold he would   go to the  local video   store and buy   the
encrypted version of the DVD destroy the original media and replace it
with an unencrypted version that he purchased.


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