[linux-elitists] 'Leet Linux jobs!

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Mon Jun 26 16:40:52 PDT 2000

begin  Nick Moffitt quotation of Mon, Jun 26, 2000 at 02:53:50PM -0700:

> begin  Don Marti Lives Three Hours from Nowhere quotation:
> > I am always open to suggestions about moderation policy in private
> > mail.
> 	I received no private mail before being put on the moderation
> list.  There was never a chance.

The Mailman "penalty box" does not unsubscribe a list member, or 
disable posting.  It merely makes the list act as a moderated list
for the people in the box.  All your mail still has a chance to
make it onto the list, if it's on-topic.

And I have two vendors for the Approved Vendor List

First, Fast Copier/Printer Service of Mountain View 415-938-1016.
Duncan MacKinnon referred me to Reggie there, who got me a good deal
on a reconditioned HP LaserJet 4M+  After having some fun talking
to it with Ben Woodard's "npadmin" package (printing.sourceforge.net)
I actually printed some stuff, and it looks really good.  Real
elitists don't buy cheap new printers.

Second, an update on rawbandwidth.com DSL: very responsive performance,
no problems so far. This is entirely subjective and based on more of a
"does the cursor go where I want it in an ssh session" test than any
quantifiable tests.  But it works well for me.

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