[linux-elitists] Hm, editor wars

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sun Jun 25 11:02:48 PDT 2000

begin  Heather quotation:

> I kind of like ee, I think I'll be installing it for newbies regularly
> since I found it a couple of months ago.  ae, on the other hand, is so
> annoying I rip it out of debian installs as soon as I have just about
> any other editor to hand.  I'd almost prefer ex.

Having fans of various editors on my system, I have the following
installed to keep everyone happy:

ae             962-26         Anthony's Editor -- a tiny full-screen editor
beav           1.40-13        Binary Editor And Viewer (beav)
ed             0.2-18         The classic unix line editor
ee             126.1.89-11    An "easy editor" for novices and compuphobic
emacsen-common 1.4.11         Common facilities for all emacsen.
hexedit        1.1.0-2        view and edit files in hexadecimal or in ASC
jed            0.99.9-14      Editor for programmers. (textmode version)
jed-common     0.99.9-14      Byte compiled SLang runtime files for jed an
jered          1.6.7-1        Simple full screen text editor with colored
joe            2.8-15         Joe's Own Editor - A Free ASCII-Text Screen
jove           4.16-5         This is  Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs (jo 
nano           0.8.6-3        free Pico clone with some new features
sam            4.3-9          the plan9 text editor -- ed with a gui and m
the            3.0-1          Full-screen character mode text editor.
sted           0.3.0-10       Small/Stupid Text Editor.
the-doc        3.0-1          THE Reference Manual
vim-python     5.6.070-1      Vi IMproved - with python support
vim-rt         5.6.070-1      Vi IMproved - runtime support files
wily           0.13.41-0.2    A work-alike of the Acme programming environ
xemacs20-bin   20.4-14        Editor and kitchen sink -- support binaries
xemacs20-nomul 20.4-14        Editor and kitchen sink -- Non-mule binary
xemacs20-suppo 20.4-14        Editor and kitchen sink -- architecture inde
zed            1.0.3-1        powerful, multipurpose, configurable Text Ed
zile           1.0a5-4        "Zile is a lossy emacs" a very small emacs-l

> jstar isn't -my- cup of tea, but if someone else wants to use jpico,
> at least I can use jstar instead and muddle on through.

For the benefit of those who aren't familar with these, they are modes
of the "joe" package, emulating WordStar and pico.  "joe" also has a
jmacs mode, which is yet another GNU emacs imitation in 1/10 the size.
> okay, maybe I care a little bit.  Offered original vi, and ce, I'd
> definitely use vi.

What's ce, by the way?
> Now for the graphical version of the editor-of-the-week-club, I enjoy the 
> interface on Nedit, but it has a really weirdshit license.

Still?  That's too bad.  I notice that Debian still has it in non-free,
even though it's now linked against lesstif, rather than Motif.

> Coral, Gedit, and Kedit probably all want to be it when they grow up.

I don't have any X editors installed on my system (which is a headless
server), which is mildly shortsided given that I have xlibs installed, 
and thus _some_ users might wish to run such, tunnelled over ssh.  I'll
have to think about that.

> I haven't encountered an enjoyable hex editor yet, but I haven't
> looked very hard either;

I take it you've looked at beav and hexedit, and been unimpressed?  I've
not had occasion to use them; I just have them installed.

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