[linux-elitists] Hm, editor wars

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Sun Jun 25 16:21:38 PDT 2000

> Heather wrote:
> > Now for the graphical version of the editor-of-the-week-club, I enjoy the
> > interface on Nedit, but it has a really weirdshit license.
> The GPL? Look at http://www.nedit.org/
> --R, Nedit freak :-)

It wasn't up until now ... www.nedit.org/about/license.shtml states:

   Version 5.1 is the first release of NEdit under the GNU General Public
   License, and the first release to be done entirely by volunteer

The weirdshit license I was referring to, is the old one, which was in the
Debian tree.  Now I have to go see if unstable has nedit 5.1 moved into its 
main branch.  So, you're running 5.1 I assume?  what sort of headaches did 
you encounter when upgrading?  Any fave macros we can enjoy?

* Heather * 
  Since English is a mess, it maps well onto the problem space,
  which is also a mess, which we call reality.     - Larry Wall

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