[linux-elitists] Hm, editor wars

Rusty Foster rusty@kuro5hin.org
Sun Jun 25 12:38:30 PDT 2000

kmself@ix.netcom.com wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 25, 2000 at 02:32:36PM -0400, Rusty Foster wrote:
> > Heather wrote:
> > > Now for the graphical version of the editor-of-the-week-club, I enjoy the
> > > interface on Nedit, but it has a really weirdshit license.
> >
> > The GPL? Look at http://www.nedit.org/
> >
> > --R, Nedit freak :-)
> I *knew* there was a reason you seemed weird to me....

Oh, you have so much further to go... that is only a symptom. ;-)

And to think that someone who *chooses* to code shell scripts is calling
me weird. I don't know whether to be pleased or insulted.

> ...ok, so what was the *old* Nedit license and when did it change?

The old license was some kind of weird semi-closed licence, IIRC. You
could have the code, but you couldn't redistribute it in any way. I
think development had been mostly abandoned by the original author, and
he didn't want people sending him patches of whatever. The 5.0 release
was developed by the community, and I guess they talked the owner into
GPLing it. It came out mid-last year, I think.

As Heather noted, Nedit is what Kedit and Gedit want to be when they
grow up. If you're going to use a graphical editor, make it this one.
I'm personally more productive on graphical text editors than terminal
ones, so I've tried a lot of them, and Nedit is by far the best one out

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