[linux-elitists] Hm, editor wars

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Sun Jun 25 00:00:52 PDT 2000

Being the synthesist that I am, I mostly don't *care* ... but I don't use
what gets me lost.  So whatever it is needs to follow the basic rule of having
a useful helpfile, that I can determine how to reach :)

Which means I don't use pico, because I have worse luck figuring it out than
emacs.  Maybe I'm broken.  But emacs is kind of mind warping (besides being the
kitchen sink) and most of my *computers* care about the memory needs.

I kind of like ee, I think I'll be installing it for newbies regularly since
I found it a couple of months ago.  ae, on the other hand, is so annoying I
rip it out of debian installs as soon as I have just about any other editor
to hand.  I'd almost prefer ex.

jstar isn't -my- cup of tea, but if someone else wants to use jpico, at least
I can use jstar instead and muddle on through.

To my knowledge in hopping systems I haven't really used any vi features that
haven't been around a l...o...n...g while.  vim's syntax highlighting is very 
nice but I don't have to invoke it directly, which is also nice.

okay, maybe I care a little bit.  Offered original vi, and ce, I'd definitely
use vi.

Now for the graphical version of the editor-of-the-week-club, I enjoy the 
interface on Nedit, but it has a really weirdshit license.  Coral, Gedit, and 
Kedit probably all want to be it when they grow up.  I haven't encountered an 
enjoyable hex editor yet, but I haven't looked very hard either; I'm sure 
someone must have reimplemented SPF on Linux by now.

* Heather * You are in a maze of twisty little RFC 822 headers
            Mostly alike.

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