[linux-elitists] absolutely

Justin Cheung unroot@cats.ucsc.edu
Sat Jun 24 13:06:05 PDT 2000

gregory j pryzby wrote:

   vi is intuitive...
   x delete
   dd delete line
   i insert

absolutely.  Lots of people find vi intuitive.  I was mostly referring
newbies and my computer illiterate non-elitist friends

   also, when you logon a unix machine, vi is there... as is ed, so you
   should use them daily...

lots of unix machines have pine and pico.. many general university
student servers running SunOS or whatever include pico and pine.
When my ex-roommate wanted to write html on the UCSC site, all i
had to say is type "pico" and "figure it out", which he did.  And he's
a surfer who barely uses his own computer.

   Once you learn the what the characters stand for it is easy...

True, but as you said, this is once you learn what the characters stand
for.  Not everyone is a linux elitist.  Linux elitists sometimes teach
non-elitist friends and newbies who are used to crappy bloatware
from Microsoft.  If I were to stick a monkey in a room with sensitive
server equipment for nuclear missile launch authorization, and i gave
the monkey a keyboard plugged into a command linux machine
with only one text editor to be used to write a file with the launch
I would definitely not install pico on it.  It's too easy to use.

Statistically speaking,
people would have an easier time decapitating the monkey  and
stopping nuclear catastrophe if the little guy was sitting there
monkeypoo on the keyboard... frustrated by vi.

   For mail... mutt. it has been years since pine/elm so I dont' recall
   what I didn't like.

mutt? hmm maybe one of these days when i feel like trying it again.
thanks for the recommendation.

Okay enough petty bickering.  Have a good weekend, and if you're in
Milpitas, the VANS skatepark just opened and it's quite elite.

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