[linux-elitists] stale jokes and pico dissing

Justin Cheung unroot@cats.ucsc.edu
Sat Jun 24 10:36:55 PDT 2000

Aloha elitists!

The dissing of pine and pico is getting quite old.   Jens Sorenson tried
to offend everyone in his "kernel programming" tutorial by continually
dissing every text editor and mail reader out there.  It was funny the
first 300 times we all heard it.


What is wrong with pine & pico?  I use pico for writing html and short
scripts, and pine is decent.  When i want to teach someone who is not
good with Linux and command line, i show them pico and pine because
they are intuitive and idiot-proof.  no need for the vi "tutorial" or
wasting money on a textbook to cover emacs or some of the more obscure
and clumsy editors.

Best regards,

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Rick Moen wrote:

> begin  kmself@ix.netcom.com quotation:
> > A).  No, that's my job.
> >
> > B).  Can we dispense with the petty bickering, all 'round?
> Well, after the obligatory making fun of Deirdre for being a pine & pico
> user, yes.
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