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Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Fri Jun 23 10:30:29 PDT 2000

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Dear Mr. Moen,

Rick Moen wrote:

> ...
> It is my understanding that copyright on the Tripwire codebase remains
> owned by Purdue Research Foundation (PRF), and that Tripwire, Inc.
> develops Tripwire under a licence of exclusive commercial rights from
> them, as detailed at http://www.cerias.purdue.edu/coast/coast-tools.html .
> (PRF's original licence, as shown in COAST Tripwire versions through v.
> 1.2, prohibited commercial use.)  So:
> Has Tripwire, Inc. purchased or otherwise acquired PRF's copyright on
> Tripwire?

Tripwire has acquired these rights from Purdue.

>  Otherwise, how does Tripwire, Inc. have the legal right to
> issue a GPLed version of Tripwire?

In addition to 'owning' the original rights, Tripwire re-wrote the entire
concept from the ground up.  This effort was begun in 1997 and was completed
in 1999.  It resulted in the release of Tripwire's then new HQ Connector and
HQ Manager products.

> Thanks for your kind assistance.

Thanks for your interest.

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