[linux-elitists] Tripwire license

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Wed Jun 21 08:55:29 PDT 2000

Rick Moen pointed out earlier on this list that Tripwire's "open
source" plans were murky and, that judging by some of the answers
in their FAQ, did not look to meet the Open Source Definition:

Now, Tripwire has a "Linux Evangelist and Business Manager,"
Christopher Perez, and has announced that a "Q3" release of 
Tripwire will be under the GPL.  It's on their site and everything:

I mailed Christopher Perez yesterday because the GPL link on their
home page pointed to the existing proprietary EULA, not to the GPL.
He wrote back and told me that they've fixed the link and yes,
Tripwire will be released under the GPL.

I'm sure that they'll figure out the fact that GPL code doesn't just
run on Linux, eventually.

Since there's no code yet I'm not going to say Beaujolais to Tripwire,
but they can have a cup.

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