[linux-elitists] USPTO alert: "Intellectual Property Symposium of the Americas"

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue Jun 20 14:50:37 PDT 2000

Attention freedom-loving people:

Just who the hell do the USPTO bureaucrats think they are?  Organizing
a swanky "symposium" to push fucked-up ideas about copyright and patent
law onto the rest of the planet -- is that what I pay taxes for?  Hell

The symposium will be held September 11-12 in Washington, DC.  Here's
the blurb from the USPTO site:

  An opportunity for high-ranking government intellectual property
  officials and members of the business and intellectual property
  communities in the Western Hemisphere to discuss and formulate an
  agenda for cooperation in the critical area of intellectual property

  Particular attention during the Symposium will be paid to:


     Optical Media Piracy

     Business Software and Business Methods Patent enforcement issues

     Developing a basis for closer Hemispheric coordination in the 
     enforcement of intellectual property rights generally. 


Now, the thing that really cheeses me off about these bureaucrats is
that (1) the deadline to sign up is July 31, and (2) they haven't posted
instructions on how to register yet. So, it looks like the symposium is
technically open to everyone but you have to be pretty quick on your
feet to get in. Watch that web page, people.

If you speak Spanish and/or Portugese you'll be especially effective
there.  Liberdad!

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