[linux-elitists] DSL frenzy

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue Jun 13 18:16:26 PDT 2000

Well, I just got DSL, and I promised a preliminary report, so here it
is.  It works.  DSL isn't just for dyslexic hippies anymore.

I ordered DSL from rawbandwidth.com, they got service from Pacific
Bell, and Pacific Bell contracted the installation out to this dude
named Dan.

Dan showed up, put this adapter doo-dad on my phone jack, and
hooked up the DSL box.  He expressed grave concern about whether
or not the software he was given for my computer would work with
Linux or not.  I told him I already had software (I had preconfigured
a machine with the network configuration that Mike Durkin at
rawbandwidth.com gave me) plugged in to the DSL box, and it
worked the first time.  Boring.  So far, I say thumbs up.

Since I didn't order Pac Bell's service, or use their software,
all Dan had to do was test my phone line and plug the box in
between my phone jack and phone.  Pretty easy for him. 

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Don Marti
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