[linux-elitists] Don gets new job, elitists celebrate

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Fri Jun 2 14:22:04 PDT 2000

Attention Linux elitists:

As you all probably know by now, I'm going to work for Linux Journal, so
I'm going to go out and eat a burrito, drink beer, and listen to surf
music to celebrate. 

You are all invited to join me.

You might think, "Aha! This mail is all about beer, burritos, and surf
music, and it's local to Santa Cruz, California, USA! Hardly the elitist
content we have come to expect from this list. For shame!" But this
mail is completely on-topic because it is all about me and my friends
celebrating me becoming Technical Editor of Linux Journal, which is, of
course, an elite job. So this mail is completely on-topic for this list.

We're going to see the Ventures at a bar called Palookaville in Santa
Cruz on Friday, June 16th at 9:00 PM. I'm going to get the tickets on
Thursday, June 8th. The opening band is called the Neptunes, and I
haven't heard them, but this is a perfect opportunity to hear a new surf
band and be able to say that you caught their show in Santa Cruz before
they got huge.

The burrito place at which we will eat beforehand remains to be
determined. But it won't be any of those places that serves fancy
foo-foo stuff -- just a regular burrito place with big ole tasty
burritos in Santa Cruz.  Mmmmm, burritos.

So, the rough plan is to descend on the burrito place in Santa Cruz
around 7:30, eat burritos, then mosey on over to the show. Beer will be
enjoyed at every opportunity.  (Santa Cruz is a college town, so
the authoritarians will probably be complete and total bastards about
checking government-issued identification.  Be warned.)

If you want to come, mail me before June 8th, and I will get you, and
your guest if any, a ticket for the show, and let you know the name and
location of the burrito place of choice. If you need a ride to Santa
Cruz from Caltrain, or are willing to pick people up at a Caltrain
station, please let me know too.

Who:   Me and whoever else wants to come along.
What:  Beer!  Burritos!  Surf music!  Elitism!
Where: Santa Cruz, California, USA
When:  7:30 PM or so, Friday, June 16th 2000
Why:   Because magazine editing is thirsty work.

Don Marti
whois DM683

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