[linux-elitists] Estimating Doubleclick cookie activity

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Mon Jul 24 12:04:44 PDT 2000

On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 11:56:02AM -0700, Don Marti wrote:
> Doubleclick boasts that they serve 25,000 ads per second. If each
> user is tracked across only 50 ads, then they're issuing about 500
> new cookies/second.
> If there are 300,000,000 users of sites watched by Doubleclick, and each
> user gets tracked for 7 days, that's 496 new cookies/second.
> Both of these are pretty optimistic estimates -- the more heinous the
> tracking is, the lower the number of new cookies/second.
> Doubleclick does not issue duplicate cookies -- thank my mistake for
> getting them to come out and deny it. And, since all their cookies
> apparently have the same form (hex numbers in sequence) we can get an
> upper bound on how many cookies they issued in a given time interval.
> Then all we have to do is work backwards from how many cookies were
> issued and the stats they publish for prospective adversisers, and we
> get a measurement for how long, on average, they're able to track each
> individual user.
> Anybody have free linear regression software? Or can you suggest a
> better way to convert a bunch of unordered (time, cookie) tuples into a
> good cookies/second number?

	apt-get install r-base r-cran

...not that I know how to use the bloody thing, though it's on my to-do

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