[linux-elitists] educational HTML mail needed

Paul J Collins sneakums@eircom.net
Wed Jul 19 14:29:54 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul J Collins <sneakums@eircom.net> writes:

>>>>> "Deirdre" == Deirdre Saoirse <deirdre@deirdre.net> writes:

    Deirdre> Actually, the source is wrong. It should be <img
    Deirdre> src="C:\CON\CON"> which means, from the console driver,
    Deirdre> feed the file "CON" (which doesn't exist) in as the image
    Deirdre> source. It can be a big harf-o-matic.

    Paul> It's not that the file doesn't exist, but that it's the
    Paul> console device in Windows, and the file name "con" is
    Paul> hijacked no matter what the context.  I've seen reports of
    Paul> people creating files called "lpt1" and not being able to
    Paul> delete them, due to the DOS substrate sticking its oar in.

Misread your post, sorry.  I hadn't realised you'd mentioned the
console driver.

Memo to self: read, then post.


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