spammer sues MAPS RBL

Ian Kluft
Mon Jul 17 02:44:35 PDT 2000

If you've been using the MAPS RBL to filter for spam, you'll probably want
to add an explicit filter against  They just won a temporary
restraining order (expires Aug 2) against MAPS RBL (the Mail Abuse Prevention
System's Realtime Blackhole List, a.k.a.

In response to this, I added explicit blocks against to the
Exim configuration on my co-lo server, which is a backup MX host for all sites.  Any of you who are directly connected to the Internet
should consider the same thing.  Here's what I added to my configuration:
   host_reject = [...]:*
   sender_reject = [...]:*
(The [...] represent the previous contents of the reject lists, which remain
after adding to the list.)

I don't know how much comes directly from their domain specifically.  But
even if this turns out to be just a symbolic move, it's a good one anyway.
Ian Kluft  KO6YQ   PP-ASEL                     coordinator
ikluft(at)      San Jose, CA

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