[linux-elitists] favicon.ico

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Thu Jul 13 16:52:07 PDT 2000

begin  Heather quotation:

[favicon.ico in GIF89a_ format]

> He wanted to make sure MSwin lusers using an even older browser could see
> the comment.  MS' browsers that old didn't tooltip alt tags yet.

It was my understanding from readings at the time that that format
_would_ be universally valid as a favicon.ico file.  I have no idea if
this is true, for lack of access to legacy Win32 machines.  If someone 
could verify that, it would be useful.

To answer the implied question, no, I don't mind keeping that one
Unisys-entangled file around.  They can kiss my ass on their legal
claim, and the favicon.ico matter only warrants a small amount of
my trouble in the first place.

Cheers,                                      Right to keep and bear
Rick Moen                                  Haiku shall not be abridged
rick (at) linuxmafia.com                      Or denied.  So there.

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