[linux-elitists] favicon.ico

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu Jul 13 15:22:25 PDT 2000

> > Well, the one I use is http://linuxmafia.com/favicon.ico (an
> > international "prohibited" red circle with diagonal line atop a
> > Microsoft flag, next to a small banner reading "Proud to be Microsoft
> > Free").
> Rick, you mean you haven't burned all your gifs?
> GIF89a_
He wanted to make sure MSwin lusers using an even older browser could see
the comment.  MS' browsers that old didn't tooltip alt tags yet.

> I thought .ico was a windows icon format.
> Aaron Lehmann

Yup!  But the better icon editors run under wine and wabi, so who cares.
And some of them are even shareware.

For source available ICO stuff, you can have my pascal source for iconview,
which Quarterdeck used to turn scads of ico files into icon sized XPMs.
In fact it's probably all *my* fault that there are 16 color 32x32 icons to
be found all over the place in webby tool archives.  But, in an elitist
note, I'll warn: it uses 34 line mode at a color text console, and I wrote it
in DOS' heyday, with my very own copy of Turbo.  It only does the "common"
size of those ico type, though it does handle transparency (by abusing high
ascii).  Port it yerself.  Any takers?

* Heather * APL is a write-only language.  I can write programs in APL, but 
            I can't read any of them.  -- Roy Keir

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