[linux-elitists] favicon.ico

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu Jul 13 14:50:19 PDT 2000

> begin  Phil Hughes quotation:
> > I just read that all the favicon.ico not found errors come from IE5
> > assuming there is such a file on every web site.  It displays this
> > icon on the task bar.
> > 
> > Now, it seems that there should be a standard anti-MS icon that we
> > could distribute to all "good" web sites that would indicate what we
> > think of Microsoft's idea.
> Well, the one I use is http://linuxmafia.com/favicon.ico (an
> international "prohibited" red circle with diagonal line atop a
> Microsoft flag, next to a small banner reading "Proud to be Microsoft
> Free").

Heh.  Rick beat me to the punch.
> I'm not sure how that shows up on legacy proprietary Win32 systems, for 
> lack of access to same, but I'm guessing it does the job.

I've heard that you don't have to have the favicon -showing- in order for
it to inflict itself on IE users.

I dunno if it shows itself to Solaris IE users, but, I know one I can ask...

But, I can still have Terra (the samba testing thinkpad that won't speaka
da floppy) look at your stuff for you.

* Heather * "It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -- Walt Disney

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