[linux-elitists] favicon.ico

Deirdre Saoirse deirdre@deirdre.net
Thu Jul 13 15:03:07 PDT 2000

Does the syntax permit redirecting it to "C:\\CON\CON"?

I think that would be a perfect solution, though it wouldn't affect NT

On 13 Jul 2000, Paul J Collins wrote:

> >>>>> "Don" == Don Marti <dmarti@zgp.org> writes:
>     Don> I used to have:
>     Don> Redirect permanent /favicon.ico http://www.penthouse.com/
>     Don> But I don't know if MSIE follows redirects in this case, and
>     Don> nobody will let me touch their copy of MSIE for some reason.
> I have an NT installation running IE 5 that I don't mind getting
> b0rked, if you want to set up a test.

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