[linux-elitists] favicon.ico

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Thu Jul 13 14:34:15 PDT 2000

begin  Phil Hughes quotation:

> I just read that all the favicon.ico not found errors come from IE5
> assuming there is such a file on every web site.  It displays this
> icon on the task bar.
> Now, it seems that there should be a standard anti-MS icon that we
> could distribute to all "good" web sites that would indicate what we
> think of Microsoft's idea.

Well, the one I use is http://linuxmafia.com/favicon.ico (an
international "prohibited" red circle with diagonal line atop a
Microsoft flag, next to a small banner reading "Proud to be Microsoft

I'm not sure how that shows up on legacy proprietary Win32 systems, for 
lack of access to same, but I'm guessing it does the job.

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