[linux-elitists] Fun with the B word

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Tue Jul 11 12:00:57 PDT 2000

>> Don> Caldera won't say the "B" word: http://lwn.net/daily/cald-ircBX.php3
>> You know, that level of prudery is jush laughable.  Caldera sure ain't
>> a bitchin' distro.
> If you are going to censor at that level you need to at have some fun
> with it. Call the software BirchX or BetchX (as in Bet-cha).

We could have a whole trees theme here:
	... anyone know a browser named after trees? or at least a plant?

* Heather * How much net work could a network work, if a network could net work?

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