[linux-elitists] Freeing document _formats_

Paul J Collins sneakums@eircom.net
Tue Jul 11 11:00:32 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Deirdre" == Deirdre Saoirse <deirdre@deirdre.net> writes:

    Deirdre> Well, at least the MacOS doesn't rely on file
    Deirdre> suffixes. And, in fairness, 32 bits *should* describe all

No, it uses creator codes and filetype codes, which while not very
visible to users, are much the same thing.  The only reliable way to
check the type of a file is feed it to the application and see what
comes out, assuming the app is paranoid enough not to die if it's fed

    Deirdre> relevant file formats; the Mac allows non-printable
    Deirdre> characters in its type/creator. I often used a Yen symbol
    Deirdre> in mine.

Trivia: Palm OS uses creator codes too.  It's quite Mac OS-like in
some ways (an oldish version, anyway; System 6, anyone?).


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