[linux-elitists] Freeing document _formats_

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Mon Jul 10 20:45:23 PDT 2000

> begin  Rick Moen quotation of Mon, Jul 10, 2000 at 03:48:27PM -0700:
> > I haven't gone very far with this, but I've been thinking that it's
> > about time to launch an assault on proprietary file formats.  And no,
> > I don't mean that all such formats are Evil and Must Die.
> What kind of elitist are you?
> BTW, no match for "FILETYPES.ORG".
> > I envision it being broken down by document category (streaming video, 
> > word processor, page layout, sound, video, spreadsheet, flat database,
> > vector graphics,...), listing the common formats for each, problems of
> > each, strengths, convertability, multivendor support / sufficiency of
> > format documentation that is freely available.
> Humble suggestion: organize by MIME type.
> No match for "MIMETYPES.ORG".
Heh. Allow me to add an elitist flame to RealAudio for taking RPM for 
"realplayer plugin module"  - extension collision, *and* redundant.

> > Each category should also highlight the leading format that meets some
> > minimal standard of free-ness, if there is one.  If there isn't one,
> > we can link to the best known effort to create one.  (E.g., Frank
> > Lamonica mentioned to me in passing some effort to create a truly free
> > streaming-video format.)
> Maybe "recommended replacements" links in each non-recommended format.
> Do the video efforts by xiph.org amount to anything?  Ogg Vorbis is kewl
> so they must be smart.
> I can contribute some entries in the graphics section.  I've gotten 
> enough questions about graphics formats running Burn All GIFs that I
> can do most of the common ones.
And let's not forget to flame Netscape for forgetting to fix their dam*
alpha channel transparency bugs.  Even IE does alphas.  geez.

Any other formats that do transparencies?  XPMs.  oh yeah,  NS "forgot"
how to handle that format ages ago.

> Speaking of Evil and Must Die, oreillynet.com carries Doubleclick ads.


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