[linux-elitists] The B Word, the P Word

Decklin Foster fosterd@hartwick.edu
Mon Jul 10 14:37:09 PDT 2000

Paul J Collins writes:

> I recall there were some in GNU Emacs' Lisp files until RMS removed
> them.  Possibly an overreaction, but he used it to showcase some law
> or other that he said forced his hand.

I believe that was the Doctor mode (Eliza) and the CDA. The Elisp
program didn't produce any swear words, but checked your input against
them so it could print a reaction. Since the CDA is no more, I think
the files have been restored to their original state. I'd check, but
me and Emacs had a painful breakup some months ago.

There is no TRUTH. There is no REALITY. There is no CONSISTENCY. There
are no ABSOLUTE STATEMENTS. I'm very probably wrong. -- BSD fortune(6)

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