[linux-elitists] The B Word, the P Word

Paul J Collins sneakums@eircom.net
Mon Jul 10 14:29:42 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Jeremy" == Jeremy M Dolan <jmd@turbogeek.org> writes:

    Jeremy> On Mon, 10 Jul 2000 21:23:11 +0000, Paul J Collins wrote:
    >> However, in my 2.2.16 sources, I have the following, if one of you

    Jeremy> What, is that it? One reference in Calderas source?

No.  I don't run Caldera.  I was providing a reference in a piece of
code that's fairly old so there is a fair chance that an older kernel
(such as might be in a distro) would still have it, if someone had the
code and wanted to have a quick look.  As I said in my message, my
Caldera CD is b0rked.


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