[linux-elitists] I hold you all responsible.... (PC enclosure query)

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Sat Jul 8 12:56:00 PDT 2000

> I'm trying to build a 'leet Debian box to replace my reliable yet gently
> aging (and oh so proprietary) Solaris server.
> I don't remember who and I don't quite remember when and I'm too lazy to
> hunt the guilty party down in the archives, but some elitist mentioned
> Cooler Master PC cases.  As a result, I've fixated on their atc-400
> rack mount case:  http://www.coolermaster.com/products/atc/atc400.html .
> Specifically, I've fixated on the parts that say "5.25'' Bays (exposed)
> x 8" and "best thermal performance with minimum noise".
> My question is, does anyone know where to *get* these things without
> ordering overseas?  Cooler Master's website lists no authorized
> distributors in the Americas.  I spent a bit time last night trying to
> find an outfit online that'll take my money in exchange for one, but
> with no luck.  I thought that I'd ask here before I started spamming
> retailers, since this is all your fault anyways.
Pester Penguin Computing (whose founder is a big fan of extra-cool cooling
systems) and see if they have 'em (or boxes in 'em).  And if they don't,
suggest they get 'em.

My employer aims for a dif't niche, and I haven't had to do rack stuff in,
um, ages, so I don't even know who are vendors for plain racks 'round here.

> And, in case you're wondering, I want the drive bays exposed because I
> have a fetish for das blinkenlights.  The bays can be internal if the
> case provides activity LEDs for each individual spindle.  This is clearly a 
> case of form over function.
> PeeWee

Blinky lights are way important. Get a full set of colors too.

I was thinking awhile back, I want to see a "The Matrix" style screensaver,
where each row of "falling twisting letters" actually does represent something.
Heck, each twisty letter can mean something, too :)

* Heather

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