[linux-elitists] Doubleclick id patterns

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Fri Jul 7 11:00:58 PDT 2000

begin  Jeremy M. Dolan quotation of Fri, Jul 07, 2000 at 06:05:33AM -0500:
> With the old version of getid Don posted, i figured out how i was
> getting the pattern. I dont know why, but if you leave it as-is,
> you'll get more jumbled returns. But if you nslookup
> ad.doubleclick.net, and replease 'ad.dc.net' in the script with that
> IP, then you get the in-order returns i experianced before. (I
> originally had to do this since doubleclick.net was blocked in my
> default namesevers =)

I just got mail from the Chief Privacy Officer of doubleclick.net
with a correction for a bug in the script.  I asked him for permission
to include his mail on the site.

value = value[:-1] is not needed.  I was throwing away the last
character of the cookie, not a newline character.

Assuming that the cookie is a true hex number (which it is) and one copy
can get duplicates of everything except the last character (which it
can) then 16 copies ought to be able to get complete duplicates.  

"distributed" version over the weekend, je pense.

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