[linux-elitists] Sick of doubleclick.net yet?

Mike Touloumtzis miket@bluemug.com
Thu Jul 6 20:00:39 PDT 2000

On Tue, Jul 04, 2000 at 10:55:23AM -0700, Heather wrote:
> > I think that was the weekend I stumbled onto this mailing list,
> > searching for anti-dc material, I wandered onto that nifty
> > little authoritative DNS trick. Using a similar method, I aliased
> > to around 20 of the major ad servers in /etc/hosts.
> I've been doing this for a long while, including, since I run a localhost
> web server to aid my Gazette editing, I added a server on which
> does only one thing - returns *my* banner, on a 404 not found, which of
> course it's guaranteed to get.

The Junkbuster anonymizing proxy is the way to go here IMHO.  Not only
does it filter out ads based on regexps, it filters out _all_ cookies
unless you go out of your way to add the site to its "cookies allowed"
list; and even then you can specify upload-only, download-only, or
bidirectional.  You can do things like:


in the cookie config file to accumulate doubleclick cookies for evil
purposes, without ever sending any.  Regexps make it easier than with
DNS to match many banner sources.

It also filters Referer headers, browser-provided email addresses, and
any unrecognized server-bound headers.

And it makes it easy to do things like user-agent tweaking.
>From my junkbuster config:
user-agent Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux 2.2.15 alpha; en-US; m16) Gecko/20000615

So, magically, my whole office is suddenly browsing with Mozilla on
linux-alpha (since most of them go through my proxy).


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