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I hesitate to forward this to _this_ list, since we're already elite
enough to have been running OpenSSH for a while now, but it is of
historical interest. When I was doing consulting consultant in
1997-1998, I interpreted Tatu Ylönen's pre-1.2.28 license as requiring
_clients_ to buy a copy of SSH, but not requiring me to buy one.

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Version 1.2.28 of Tatu Ylönen's (SSH Communications Ltd.'s) reference
SSH utility is out.  However, before anyone rushes out to upgrade from
1.2.27, please be aware of (yet another) restrictive licence change:

The versions up to 1.2.12 were under a free-software / open-source
licence.  From that point forward, 1.2.13 through 1.2.27, the 1.x
series has been under a very tolerant free-usage licence that
essentially banned nothing except combining of Ylönen's code into
third-party commercial products.  Ordinary usage in any environment did
not require a licence.

1.2.28, however, introduces new and more restrictive licence terms,
including the following:

"For the avoidance of doubt, the following are considered examples of
commercial uses of the Software: (1) use at or for a commercial
enterprise; (2) use for financial gain, personal or otherwise; (3) use
by government agencies; (4) use by a telecommunication or Internet
service provider company; (5) use at home or while traveling for work
for which You will be paid; (6) use in connection with administering a
commercial web site; (7) use in connection with the provision of
professional services for which You are compensated (including paid
system administration)...."

For all practical purposes, Ylönen's 1.x series has become a fully
commercial product, with generous demo/evaluation terms.  In this, it 
now joins Ylönen's 2.x series, which implements the different and 
arguably much better secsh 2.0 protocol, but which has been widely 
ignored for several reasons.

Fortunately for those of us who prefer open-source / free software, 
there are no fewer than three viable alternatives.  One is Björn
Grönvall's ossh.  Grönvall re-found Ylönen's v. 1.2.12 (the last free
version), forked off a copy, fixed known bugs, and updated it to the 
secsh 1.5 protocol.  Then, The OpenBSD Project noticed Grönvall's 
project, forked off their own variant of it, dubbed it OpenSSH replaced
all obstacles to placing it under the BSD licence, and updated it to
support secsh 1.5 and 2.0 protocols.  Last, Niels Möller has created
from scratch LSH (under the GNU GPL), implementing the 2.0 protocol

I have been running OpenSSH for quite a few months, with no complaints.
Early versions had some reported interoperability problems with some
SSH clients, but I haven't heard that recently.  I can strongly
recommend it, at this point.

More at:  http://linuxmafia.com/pub/linux/security/ssh-clients

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