[linux-elitists] Sick of doubleclick.net yet?

dwarren@thebigwave.net dwarren@thebigwave.net
Tue Jul 4 01:01:43 PDT 2000

On Mon, 3 Jul 2000, Don Marti wrote:
> Well, thanks to everyone on this list who came up with helpful
> suggestions on DoubleClick testing.  It turns out that those
> nasty little cookies aren't so unique after all.  I was able
> to get 53% duplicates: http://zgp.org/rbhl/prl/
> Anybody else want your name on the page?  I want to give credit
> where credit is due, especially on that multiple IP address
> thing.

I've been working on your exercise (A method for sharing 'unique' doubleclick
IDs) but so far nothing too easy has come up.  You'd have to blow a few holes
in the sandbox with a signed applet under java and code a method to modify
the cookies for each browser type (Netscape, IE, and hotjava all stored cookies
in different ways, I didn't even look at Mozilla yet.)  I haven't given up on
it yet but it's more complex then I thought it would be...

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