[linux-elitists] doubleclick.net cookies for all!

Doc Searls doc@searls.com
Sun Jul 2 15:51:57 PDT 2000

>"Opt-out" is the same pathetic weak excuse the spammers use.  I refuse
>to opt out of anything.

I agree. I just want to know how it works.

>I would no more take a Doubleclick "opt-out" cookie than I would reply
>to a spammer's remove address.  By doing so, you're only expressing
>your agreement with their view of the world.

True. The differences between DoubleClick and the Spammertariat are 
in degree, size and accessibility (they're easy to find and fuck 
with), not kind. Net advertising is spam. It's all direct marketing: 
an intrusion. My goal is to position it as that and as nothing other 
than that.

>If people want to give their informed consent to being tracked,
>fine. If they don't, they shouldn't be tracked. And it is the job of
>freedom-loving people to fight privacy violations.  Even if we have
>to take one of these to Doubleclick's net connection:
>(Armored backhoe originally developed for land mine removal.)

Fine. But I don't want that to end the discussion. To fully expose 
DoubleClick to the kind of embarrassment I can best deliver, I need 
to know exactly what this silly cookie does, if anything. It's a 
technical matter as well as a moral one. What's the technical answer? 
I'm beginning to think nobody knows, including DoubleClick.

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